Who Should I Call?



        Several persons have called me looking for additional information in getting their trucks repaired or to find parts that this site does not contain.When this occurs, I have pointed them in the direction that I believe will help them find the information that they are looking for. Usually this is done by given them the phone number for the Daimler Truck call center that can fulfill their needs.


        Rather than have you call me first just to have me route you in a different direction, I have provided the following phone number to a few of are call centers along with a list of what sort of assistance they provide:


Daimler Truck Customer Assistance Center

Freightliner Trucks: 


Western Star Trucks: 


Assistance Available:

General product inquiries
  Dealer Referrals
  Part Number Requests
  Warranty Inquiries & Registration Updates
  Product Documentation (I.E. Build Sheets, Recall Clearance Documentation, 
                                         Manufacturer's Affidavits, etc.)
  Product Concerns
  Dealer Concerns
  Corporate Concerns
Daimler Truck eComponents Web Site Administration

David Meier: 

503-568-6925, David.Meier@DaimlerTruck.com

Assistance Available:

eComponents Web Site support (I.E. Fix links that do not work,
                           Correct inaccurate information, add items to the site.)