We Are Listening & Want To Help


    In creating the DTNA eCompontents web site we have come a long way in the addition of more vehicles and hardware information such as drivelines and radiator information. However, there are still more vehicles to document and more additions to make on the current vehicles.


    I am the main contributor to the DTNA eComponents web site and am working on these additions. In doing so I would like to make sure that vehicles and specific areas of vehicles that are frequent items that our customers deal with are added to the site first.


    So, I need to hear from you... Our loyal customers.


    Please send an e-mail to David.Meier@DaimlerTruck.com' and let me know which vehicles and /or specific area of vehicles are frequent items worked on... Let me know which items are missing from the site that you need so that I can make them available to you.


    Thanks again and have a very wonderful day!



David Meier

Daimler Customer Assistance Center IT Support


(503) 568-6925